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As a preferred general contractor in the northwest, we have had the opportunity to show our knowledge and expertise in the construction of many different types of construction projects. From tower erection to landscaping, we at B&C Tower cover a wide variety of construction duties. We have the ability to provide most any service necessary for our customers. B&C is a constantly growing and evolving to the needs of our customers and this mindset has allowed us to thrive throughout the typical slow times in the wireless industry.


B&C Tower is one of the leading provider of maintenance for wireless carriers in the PNW market. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle any site-specific need, from repairing fences, to complete site rebuilds. We also provide emergency response services that include: Generator deployments, disaster cleanup and or recovery, and remote access during the winter months in the PNW. Our primary goal with site maintenance is to provide immediate response for our customers along with the quality of workmanship that our customers have come to expect from B&C Tower.


B&C Tower is proficient at installing, maintaining, aligning and commissioning multiple MW platforms.

We have installed links for carriers, jurisdictions, and the military. Our links are installed to provide maximum availability.

Small Cell

B&C Tower is specialized in DAS system installations from large venue to smaller venue passive and neutral host DAS configurations. From DAS system maintenance to new build projects, B&C Tower has played a hand in the success of a variety of different DAS related projects around the PNW. We specialize in head end construction, antenna and remote radio installation, coax and fiber installation and testing, green light integration support, and signal optimization. Dedication to safety, efficiency, professionalism, and delivering quality workmanship is paramount to our success as a general contractor.

Small cell technology is helping to reshape the modern-day city and prepare it for the future. We at B&C Tower realize this and have quickly become one of the Pacific Northwest’s leaders in Small cell deployment. Our quality of work and speed of project completion has made us a top tier Contractor that has helped to shape and advance the communications infrastructure to where it is at today. We pride ourselves in being a one stop shop for all things Small Cell, from ground up node mount light pole installations to strand mount node builds, our team can accomplish the task. Our dedicated Small Cell specialists are all cross-trained to ensure our quality standard is maintained and more importantly our safety protocol is meticulously followed. 

And More...
  • Tower Mapping and Inspection

  • Antenna & Line Installation

  • AC Power, DC Power, Batteries, Generator Installation

  • Shelter Installation

  • Cable Installation

  • Radio / Equipment Installation

  • BTS Installation

  • Materials Testing

  • Sweep Testing

  • PIM Testing

  • Tower De-stacking

  • Conduit Placement, Concrete Pad Placement, Pad/Cabinet foundation, Trenching, Drilling

  • Bucket Truck Availability

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